Enjoy a Safe Upper Lip Hair Removal with Electrolysis

It is true that most of the women in Florida and all over the world are spending thousands of dollars to meet the standards of beauty. Do want to look your best naturally in an inexpensive and safe way? In this case, it will be a good option to balance between innovation, sanity, health and beauty.

Are you worried about your facial hair like hair on the upper lip? Tired of utilizing upper lip hair removing beauty products, waxing or razors?Have you ever thought of getting rid of upper lip hair permanently in a natural and safe way? In this case, you can rely on a safe and effective electrolysis hair removal treatment to enjoy a permanent solution.

What is an Electrolysis Treatment?

Unwanted facial hairs like upper lip hair is the most annoying thing for every woman. As one of the modern and highly advanced hair removing techniques, electrolysis offers a less discomfort

hair removal experience. Compared to using the chemical depilatory creams, waxing or shaving with razor (which can harm your soft facial skin and give you a painful experience), the electrolysis hair removal technique is considered to be the perfect solution that will result in permanent comfort of hair removal.

How the Electrolysis is done?

In an electrolysis treatment, a tiny needle is inserted into the hair follicle by an experienced electrologist. Through the tiny needle a low- level of electrical pulse is sent into the skin that will help in destroying the hair follicle. In this way every unwanted hair follicles are targeted, which will result in an effective and permanent hair removal from your face or body.

Factors to Consider Electrolysis for Removing Upper Lip Hair:

1. Offers Permanent Solution- Electrolysis hair removing treatment provides a permanent solution to get rid from unwanted hair from the face in a soft an gentle way.

2. Highly Recognized- The electrolysis is recognized and approved as a permanent hair removing treatment by the American Medical Association and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

3. Effective and Safe- The electrolysis hair removing treatment is considered to be the most effective and safe, which is good for all skin types. It is also true that, the electrolysis hair removing treatment is effective to treat all hair types.

4. Targets the Root Cause- In an electrolysis treatment, an experienced electrologist targets the root cause of hair growth- papilla. This makes sure in getting a permanent facial hair removing solution.

If you want to achieve the best results with electrolysis, then rely on a safe upper lip hair removal at Electrolysis By Debra. We will offer you an affordable, gentle and safe hair removal with electrolysis, which will be done a highly experienced and licensed electrologist. Our locally owned and operated private office serves people from Florida’s Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida.

Contact us today at 954-742-4610 to make an appointment for a cost-effective electrolysis hair removal treatment.

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How Do You Remove Excessive Facial Hair?

Looking to get unwanted facial hair removed in time? Which method are you going to use to get your facial skin for summer?

Summer is here and many people love to make their facial skin summer ready. The current hot contender for facial hair removal is electrolysis hair removal. This little guide will give you a quick overview of some of the necessary details of this facial removal process.

Electrolysis is a well-proven process of permanent facial hair removal and is safe, effective for removing unwanted facial as well as body hair. With the ultimate rise in popularity, electrolysis has offered both women and men with long lasting results they are sure to tell their friends about.

It’s a Permanent Procedure: – Electrolysis is the only facial hair removal method that’s proven to be permanent. The Americam Medical Association and the FDA have stood behind this perception.

How The Process Works: – Electrolysis process often starts by weakening and thinning the hair before removing them altogether. No matter what, it’s a time consuming procedure; once you see the final results you will find it well worth for your time.

What’s The Process: – A qualified and certified electrologist will first stretch out hair follicles and insert a probe- a tool looks like a needle. Once the tip of the probe touches the hair root, the electrologist uses a small electric current into it which will consequently kill hair follicles. Then, the probe will be removed from the hair follicle and the hair will be removed through a pair of tweezers. In fact, this process can be performed on each single hair in the treated area.

Conclusion: – Electrolysis is garnering popularity due to its immense potentials and versatility. The people with red, blonde, grey or any light colored hair can be elligible for electrolysis hair removal. With this hair removal technique, anyone can have it done in a smooth and easy way.

Another major benefit of electrolysis facial hair removal is that the process is absolutely permanent and completely safe. When going with this technique, just consider the amount of money and time you’ve spend on waxing, shanving cream and shaving accessories over the last several years. Won’t it lovely to never have to purchase those things again? After all,electrolysis can be a great solution for you.

Are you searching for a reputable electrologist? If yes, then schedule an appointment for facial hair removal with Electrolyis By Debra today. With the use of industry-best technological advancements and tools, rest assured that you’ll be rewarded with superior standard services at the best possible prices.

For more information, visit us today or feel free to contact us online!

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Enjoy Permanent Hair Removal with Electrolysis Treatment

It is believed that in the course of a lifetime, women spend 72 hours shaving their legs, which is a most hated beauty ritual. To find out the best solution for removing excess body hair or unwanted facial hair, women are trying out bleaching, shaving and waxing. These types of hair removal techniques or ways are not effective for enjoying permanent hair removing solution.

Because of genetics, ethnic heritage or medical conditions like PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) or menopause, the growth of hair varies from woman to woman. In this case, finding a permanent solution for excess or unwanted hair removal will prove to be effective.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

Are you looking to get a best solution for removing your unwanted hair permanently? Do you know electrolysis is an approved method for permanent hair removal?

There are number of permanent hair reduction method but only electrolysis is approved as a safe and effective permanent hair removing treatment is known to be. With this treatment, you will get rid of unwanted or excess hair from body and face that will leave behind smooth and hair free beautiful skin.

Electrolysis Treatment:

Today electrolysis treatment is the only method that is medically approved by FGZ for delivering safe permanent hair removing solution. This treatment is executed via a small needle, through which a small electric current is targeted into each hair follicle that destroys the root.


Benefits of Electrolysis:

  • FDA approved
  • Safe and effective with permanent solution
  • Natural procedure
  • No use of chemicals as this treatment works with natural saline
  • Very little risk of skin burning issue with electrolysis
  • It does not target hair pigmentation
  • Helps in treating a wider range of skin tones and hair colors

Things to Consider Before the Electrolysis Treatment:

  • Give yourself time and be relaxed before making an appointment.
  • Avoid making appointment just before or during your period (if you generally feel irritable or sensitive at this time of month).
  • Before your appointment, you should avoid in taking caffeine (as caffeine acts as a stimulant and make you irritable).
  • To avoid dilation of blood vessels, you need to prevent yourself from direct sun exposure 48 hours before the treatment.
  • Drink enough water

Contact a Licensed Electrologist:

By contacting an expert electrologist, you can achieve best results. For which, these days most of the people in Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida are opting for safe electrolysis hair removal treatment at Electrolysis By Debra. At our office, you will enjoy an affordable, effective and gentle permanent hair removing solution for body and face. Most experienced and licensed electrologist-Debra at Electrolysis by Debra will help you in getting transformed into a diva without having any unwanted hairs.

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Electrolysis Hair Removal – Its Basics & Effectiveness

Hair removal seems to be a very popular trend today, particularly with people’s inclination to be hair-free. There’re several body hair removal procedures available today, but the most trending one looks to be Electrolysis hair removal.

If you’ve hair all over the place or at least where you think it shouldn’t be, then the best means to get away from such agony is electrolysis hair removal. Waxing, shaving, bleaching, buffing, plucking and deplilators aren’t as fruitful, don’t provide lasting outcomes and create more skin issues than electrolysis. Through this blog post I will assist you comprehend more regarding electrolysis hair exclusion so you can be more familiar regarding the procedure and make a verdict based on truths and not guesses.

First, let’s talk about the procedure of electrolysis hair exclusion. Well, Electrology is the act of doing electrolysis depletion with a thin probe composed of metal to eliminate hair. The hair is taken away by putting the thin probe into the hair follicle without piercing the skin and then electricity goes through the probe to obliterate the root of the hair follicle causing in elimination of the hair. Electrolysis is a time consuming and tedious job, but also the most productive hair exclusion procedure available today. In fact, electrolysis is approved by the FDA as the safest and most productive hair removal method.

What outcomes can be anticipated from electrolysis?

Outcomes will differ as like any other hair removal practice. Most candidates are able to eradicate hair escalation permanently over a period of time. However, a few people don’t respond to this therapy that well, but they experience some positive at least. The practice of electrolysis hair exclusion should be performed in many sessions to accomplish hair removal outcome that is far more productive and superior in comparison to any other conventional hair removal process.

Is it permanent & does it hurt?

For most people electrolysis hair removal does produce permanent hair exclusion and for some at least partial permanent outcomes. The outcomes of electrolysis differ from one individual to another. Relying on your pain bearing ability, this hair-removal procedure can ache a bit. Most people account a tingling or stinging sensation that doesn’t last long. Experts that accomplish this practice prefer to use topical anesthesia for those individuals who experience more than normal ache.

Last but not the least; electrolysis shouldn’t be performed at home as it requires special skills and expertise. Only a professional can do it in the safest possible manner.

The electrolysis hair exclusion method used by Electrolysis By Debra is FDA approved and absolutely safe in comparison to other conventional method of hair removal. So feel free to contact us for an appointment!

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Electrolysis versus Laser Treatment for Unwanted Hair Removal

These days it is widely found that people are facing an excessive or unwanted hair growth issue, which is generally caused due to:

  • Hormonal changes: At times, puberty, pregnancy and menopause act as a catalyst in triggering the hair growth.
  • Hirutism: This is found to be the most common cause, which results in growth of unwanted hair on the body and face.
  • Glandular disturbances in endocrine system: This increases the growth of excessive hair growth.

What are the most popular ways of getting rid of unwanted hair?

These days electrolysis and laser hair removing treatment have become most popular way of removing unwanted hair from body and face. Unwanted hairs are considered to be most annoying, when they are found on the face, because you cannot hide it under clothing. Females are found to be most worried & struggling with an unwanted hair issue on face or body, who have today found electrolysis and laser hair removal as an effective solution for getting rid of unwanted body and facial hair.


This hair removing treatment involves; inserting a tiny needle into the hair follicle and sends a low-level electrical pulse through the needle into skin, which helps in destroying hair follicle. This process is done for every hair follicle, which takes various sessions in fully eradicating all unwanted hair follicles. The end result will prove to be an effective solution from getting rid of unwanted hairs from your body and face.

Laser Treatment:

In laser hair removing treatment pulsating light beams are used to destroy hairs, as the beam light is aims in burning up the melanin in the hair. Laser treatment requires some sessions after which you can enjoy and lead a life free from unwanted hair issue.

How Electrolysis scores better than Laser treatment?

              Factors to Consider


                         Laser Treatment

Permanent Solution

This hair removing treatment provides permanent solution for unwanted hair removal.

This type of treatment is considered to be effective and accepted as a good unwanted hair reduction procedure.


This treatment is recognized by the American Medical Association and the Federal Drug Administration as a permanent hair removing procedure.

Laser treatment is FDA approved as a hair reduction procedure.


This type of hair removing treatment is considered to be safe for all skin types.

This type of treatment will offer best results for dark coarse hair and light skin. Remember it is not safe on tanned or dark colored skin.

Good for treating all hair types

Yes, this treatment is suitable for treating all hair types.

In this case; laser hair removing treatment is not effective in treating blond, grey or red hairs.

Main aim

Targets the root cause of hair growth .i.e. hair growth or papilla

Targets melanin or pigment color of the hair.


From this it can be concluded to enjoy a less discomfort and painless experience for getting rid of unwanted hair with electrolysis treatment. Compared to any repetitive methods like using chemical depilatory creams or liquids contain harmful chemicals or less effective laser treatment, electrolysis is a clear winner for providing a permanent and painless comfort of hair removal.

Whom to contact for an electrolysis treatment?

In order to achieve best result, one should always contact an expert electrologist, which will prove to be effective and safe. As per my knowledge and research, I can suggest for a permanent hair removal at Electrolysis By Debra, which is a locally owned and operated private office that is proud of serving people from Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida. I have read various blogs and articles of Debra Matos, who is a licensed electrologist and skin care specialist, which inspired me to recommend her name for an effective and safe electrolysis treatment.

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Safe and Effective Facial & Body Hair Removal with Electrolysis

Electrolysis is known to be the only permanent method of hair removal, which was originated in 1875. In recent time after a continuous medical research and development, it is concluded that electrolysis is a reliable and safe method to get rid of unwanted hair from the body and face. Electrolysis treatment is recognized by the American Medical Association and the Federal Drug Administration.

Why people face excessive or unwanted hair issues?

  • Systemic Changes: Normal growth and development such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause, act as a catalyst in bringing change in hair growth. This condition at time becomes a serious issue in increasing hair follicle activity or thickening of hair shaft.
  • Heredity: Heredity or hirutism is most common cause for growth of unwanted hair on different parts of body and face.
  • Glandular Disturbances: Glands controls our endocrine system (which controls growth & development), but when it becomes imbalance then can result in growth of excessive hair.

How Electrolysis is better than other methods?

  • Tweezing and Waxing: You must be aware that tweezing and waxing actually stimulates follicle to grow deeper, coarser and stronger hair.
  • Shaving and Depilatories: Shaving promotes ingrown, whereas depilatories leads to a chemical burn to the skin surface tissue, which makes it red and irritated.
  • Laser Hair Removal: Laser treatment for hair removal is pigment driven, which makes it not good for all skin or hair colors. Laser hair removal is not capable in targeting the hair selectively.

Compared to all those above mentioned treatments, Electrolysis involves a safe process of destroying hair follicle with low intensity electric current flow. One can get rid of unwanted hair growth on the body & face like eyebrows, upper chin or lip, hands, breasts and arms by undergoing Electrolysis treatment from a trained and expert electrologist.

What are the myth-busting facts about Electrolysis?

1- Electrilysis is a Painful Process:

Evolution of modern and advanced technologies has made people to enjoy a less discomfort and painless experience in Electrolysis methods. In some case an electrologist uses anesthetic cream. Thus it proves to be a painless hair removal treatment.

2- Repetitive Methods of Hair Removal are better than Electrolysis:

Repetitive methods include chemical depilatory creams or liquids contain harmful chemicals, which will harm your skin. Whereas, waxing and sugaring will hurt your skin and give you a painful experience of hair removal; this makes Electrolysis hair removal treatment as the winner, which offer permanent and painless comfort of hair removal.

You will get an expert electrologist for facial hair removal with facial hair removal treatment at Electrolysis By Debra. With Electrolysis By Debra, you will enjoy an affordable, gentle and effective permanent hair removal for body & face. For more information, stay social with us









Permanent Hair Removal with Electrolysis Solution

Do you want to control the growth of your unsightly hairs with the safe, effective and permanent hair removal solutions? May be your hairs are growing on face, eyebrows, stomach, underarm or other sensitive areas of your body too fast due to hormonal disorder, medication, aging or pregnancy. You might be disappointed to see these hairs coming back after wasting a lot of time using many temporary solutions for hair removal. If you have already tried waxing or tweezing several times but never felt happy with the outcome, then electrolysis is the solution you need. Electrolysis is a safe and reliable permanent hair removal method recognized by the AMA and the FDA. It will work well for all kinds of skin and hair.

You are less likely to benefit with any temporary hair removal solution like tweezing or waxing. Apart from being painful, they often lead to increased flow of blood to the underlying area of your skin where the hair is removed. It might result in the growth of dormant hairs. These options of hair removal may cause your delicate hairs to become strong and coarse over time and look ugly, causing you embarrassment. Using electrolysis hair removal solutions we can certainly make your hair problem vanish forever.

Electrolysis Hair RemovalWe are a specialized hair removal and skincare center serving across South Florida and Ft. Lauderdale with the advanced technology applicable for painless and permanent hair removal. Consider visiting our office as you will get quick access to a licensed and experienced electrologist, Debra. We have more than 25 years of experience in hair removal and can treat your hair growth problem with affordable, gentle and permanent electrolysis solution. With our hair removal skill, you won’t have to feel the agony of growth of your unsightly hairs again.

No matter whether it is your cheek, stomach, breast, lip or any other area of body parts, make sure to have a clean and sterile experience with Electrolysis hair removal solutions of Electrolysis by Debra. We will save you from the painful practice of waxing and tweezing and give you an optimal experience in permanent hair removal!

Use Electrolysis Hair Removal to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Growth

Cause of Unwanted Hair Growth

Heredity and unconditional hormone levels are the prime reasons for unwanted hair growth. Some temporary methods of hair removal, illnesses and also some types of drugs can stimulate your hair growth unnaturally, for example upper lip, chin, breasts and stomach.  If you are suffering from this, then electrolysis is probably the best thing for you to consider now.

What is Electrolysis Hair Removal?

Electrolysis is a process of removing individual hairs from face and body. Medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy. In this process a fine probe is inserted into the hair follicle at the surface of your skin and then the hair is removed with tweezers. Almost every part of our body can be treated with electrolysis, including face, eyebrows, breasts, abdomen, thighs, and legs. This process also has no side effects.

The total number of electrolysis that a person may need may vary according to their hair growth. This treatment lasts only between 15 minutes to 1 hour, so you don’t have to give hours for hair removal. Some people think electrolysis is a very painful process and cause discomfort for users, which is myth. Modern electrolysis methods have reduced the discomfort and pain to a mere tingling. Electrolysis is a permanent method of removing hair and is recognized by The FDA and the American Medical Association.

Permanent Hair Removal

Chemical depilatories, which are used by women to remove body hair, contain irritating chemicals are time-consuming and very messy to use. Some of them may also discolor your skin. Waxing, which is also used for hair removal, is very painful and must be done over and over again. Compared to other hair removal options electrolysis is a permanent solution for women to get rid of unwanted hair

My name is Debra Matos and I am a professional licensed electrologist and skin care specialist serving all of South Florida including Fort Lauderdale and Sunrise Florida for over two decades. Electrolysis By Debra is my private office where I serve patients with gentle and effective care. Browse my website (www.elctrolysisbydebra.com) to get further details on my hair removal services or dial 954-742-4610 to talk with me personally.