6 Benefits of Electrolysis that May Surprise You!

Get rid of unwanted hair is something that most people like to do. The options for removing hair are endless. From shaving to waxing or laser hair removal, there are always new choices popping up for your hair removal preference. Electrolysis is one of these innovative methods rapidly gaining in popularity, due to its several benefits. The prime advantage of using electrolysis is a permanent solution to hair remove hair that outweighs all of the other methods. To mention a few more benefit of them are as follows.

Bikini Area Hair Removal

Pleasant process

A common misconception about electrolysis is painful.  In the process of electrolysis, an extremely thin needle which is thinner than hair is inserted into the hair follicle that sends a tiny current of electricity. The expert “electrologist” does it with utmost care hence it can’t be felt. The tiny current destroys the hair within the follicle and prevents another one from growing in that spot. This procedure sounds hurting, but in reality, it doesn’t make anything more than an itching sensation.

No ongoing maintenance

Depending on the type of hair and person electrolysis hair removal required few sessions. Once it is done there is nothing else you require to do for maintaining the area. Hair removal by electrolysis is different from other hair removal process and seems to be the only hair removal method that is recognized as permanent. This method provides permanent results without any input and makes it much more suitable than any of the other non-permanent hair removal technique.

Hair Removal

Minimal after-treatment care

After completion of electrolysis treatment, most patients may experience minimal discomfort but this will only last for a short period of time. However, it’s important to avoid excessive exposure to the sun for a few days. It’s also a great idea to use some herbal gel to sooth the skin if you experience any irritation.

Used on all types of hair

The type of hair on your body, variants from one body part to another. People who have thick hair on their heads have thicker hair on their body. Some areas of the body have fine hair, such as the upper lip or the fingers. Electrolysis works effectively by reaching the root of the hair for its permanent removal hence, type of hair will not make any sense of it.

Can use in all skins

As anyone who has tried hair removal methods can tell the method suitable for sensitive skin. Electrolysis can securely be applied to any skin, without any harmful side effects. This means that more people can use it for facial hair removal or get rid of their unwanted body hair. This is especially good for people with dark skin and hair.

Less cost compared to other methods

Due to the higher upfront cost, electrolysis is more expensive than any other hair removal method. Clients pay for each session of electrolysis that may cost more than what you would pay for one session of non-permanent hair removal process. However, in the long run, if you consider all of the inherent benefits of electrolysis, you will find electrolysis as highly cost-effective treatment with a lifetime hair removal solution.

Eyebrows Hair Removal

At Electrolysis By Debra, we are especially expertise in using the latest technology available for gentle and permanent hair removal solution. We make your electrolysis treatment process more relaxing for a positive experience and assure you get the permanent results that will last for a lifetime. For a consultation call our office at 54-742-4610 today!



The Permanent Hair Removal Method to Be Implemented

You may have tried different Hair Removal products and methods, but the results were not as expected. Creams are messy and Brazilian waxing is painful. With so many choices, finding a hair removal solution can be disappointing and expensive too. It is for sure that you have not tried our Permanent Hair Removal method.

Body image has changed down the generation. For men, it was once considered having more hair to be masculine but it is not so now. It is now considered that having a smooth skin, it can breathe easier and reduces the chances of overheating and excessive sweating. For women, unwanted hairs become more easily noticed when revealing fashions.

Upper Lip Hair Removal

Today, removal of hair is done by men and women for aesthetic, cleanliness and self-respect purposes. Various methods can be used to get rid of unnecessary hair on the face, chest, underarms, back and bikini areas. It is for sure if you have such a requirement our Permanent Hair Removal method will be of great help to you.

Having our services you can finally throw away your tweezers and razors for good. You deserve gentle hair removal performed by experienced specialists. We offer safe and effective electrolysis hair removal solutions that are permanent.

Facial Hair Removal

Most people in Broward County such as Pembroke Pines Florida, Hollywood Florida and Coral Springs Florida have found our electrolysis Hair Removal solutions an effective and safe way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Our Permanent Hair Removal is done by a licensed electrologist and skincare specialist in Ft. Lauderdale with over 25 years of experience in her field. Our office specializes in providing high-quality electrolysis hair removal solutions for sensitive and hard to cure faces. We are a clean and safe business that uses sterile and disposable materials each time.

Permanent Hair Removal

Tired of tweezing, shaping and constantly tending to your eyebrows? Facial hair removal of ours is a safe and permanent solution. No more waxing and tweezing which eventually leads to more hair and skin discoloration. Get safe permanent eyebrow shaping from us that lasts forever. Bikini, breast and stomach hair removal is done by us following all safety precautions and using modern methodologies.

You will feel confident when you walk into our office that you will get the results you have desired. Our methods are safe and gentle for all skin types. Whether you want total body Hair Removal or would like to focus on specific areas, we can help you.

If you wish to have such nature of Permanent Hair Removal then you need to be in contact with Electrolysis By Debra. We are a locally owned and operated private office serving all of Ft. Lauderdale and south Florida using the latest technology available for gentle and permanent removal of hair. You can easily book an appointment calling us at 954-742-4610.

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Few Facts about Removing Unwanted Hair Permanently

Unwanted hair on specific body parts is a common problem that affects both men and women. If you want to get rid of redundant body hair you have many alternatives in your hand. Electrolysis is an FDA approved process for removing the unwanted hair in an effective and permanent way. Perhaps it provides the best ever permanent hair removal solution to all people who wish for it and also for those who are not good candidates for other means of hair removal process.

Eyebrow Hair Removal
What is the best method to remove hair?

Most methods of hair removal such as depilatory creams, shaving, tweezing, threading or waxing may be simple but are not stable to provide a Permanent Hair Removal solution! Some methods for you often results in much pain or even have side effects! Many people now look for a better long-term solution to get rid of wasting their time as well as money at a regular interval.

Your professional electrologist can tell you more about the best ever solution to get rid of unwanted hair problem and help you decide which way is best for you. However, the most effective method to achieve it is electrolysis hair removal method for a Permanent solution.

What does the procedure involve?

Electrolysis is a method of Permanent Hair Removal solution that requires an effort of skilled professionals for removing unwanted hair from eyebrow, upper lips, armpits, and bikini or stomach area or from the breast area.

The procedure itself involves placing of an ultra-thin needle into the targeted hair follicle open in the skin or to its root from where it grows. Mild electric current pass through the element to the hair root, destroys it at its base or from its root for further grow! Electrolysis can be a special and permanent hair removal technique available to prevent it

With a licensed and certified

electrologist to discuss their health and medical history. This will ensure the most effectiveness of Permanent Hair Removal procedure in a safer way!

How can one get rid of hair?

A person may need several treatment sessions as the skin has multiple follicles along with dormant follicles for each hair. A few session of Electrolysis done by expert   electrologist will help you to achieve the good quality permanent result.

Is there any aftercare?

Obviously, Electrolysis involves some aftercare but it is very simple and little! During Electrolysis process of permanent hair removal, your skin may feel irritated and appear slightly red. With a little care, these symptoms tend to resolve within a few hours time.

Facial hair removal


It is significant that the electrolysis treatment for Permanent Hair Removal should be performed by highly qualified professional. If you are seeking an effective electrolysis treatment, then simply trust on Electrolysis by Debra to get a safe and cost-effective permanent hair removal solution. At our office, you will get assistance from licensed and highly experienced electrologist to enjoy a comfortable and pain-free permanent hair removal solution. To make an appointment or get a free consultation, please contact us today at 9547424610.

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Electrolysis Hair Removal Is Better, Than Its Laser Counterpart? Top 7 Instances

Electrolysis & laser are no doubt two most popular procedures for unwanted hair removal. Both are effective, but there’re certain situations when only electrolysis hair removal procedure is preferred. So, let’s talk about these situations a bit brief:

When permanent hair removal is your ultimate goal:

First up, electrolysis is the sole FDA recognized procedure for long-term hair removal in comparison to hair laser hair removal, which provides permanent hair cut back up to 80 percent.


When your hair or skin color isn’t suitable for laser treatment:

Electrolysis is apposite for all types of skin and hair, while lasers usually work great for those people with light skin & dark hair.

Black hair natural features more melanin & the difference between it and light skin means that it’s perfect for laser treatment. Lasers aren’t productive for red, light, gray or fine hair.


When you’ve to target hairs precisely:

Electrolysis hair removal method is more targeted as it treats hair individually. Since the process is highly targeted, for individual or few hairs it’s most apposite. In opposite, the laser treats multiple hairs at a time, hence less targeted.

When you wish to take off hair from a mole:

If you want a permanent removal of hideous hair growing from males, then electrolysis is your best bet. Other alternatives like trimming, shaving or twee zing aren’t permanent.

Lasers aren’t opposite to be used on hair coming from moles as the tincture in the mole can create a burning sensation.

When you have a tattoo in the treatment area:

If the areas that you want to be treated have a tattoo, the laser hair removal is not a choice. The dark color of your tattoo soaks up the laser & can cause serious burns.


When you are worried about safety:

One of the oldest hair removal procedures, electrolysis has been in use for more than 100 years. You can depend on this form of hair removal as a safe & an effective way with no long-term side effects associated.

When you’re looking for the guaranteed outcome:

Regardless the color, hair or skin type- the electrolysis process works for everyone. Even in treatment areas that feature a high-density of hair – it’ll take longer, no doubt – but as long as you’ve adequate treatments, the hair will be taken off. If you’re looking for predictable outcomes, then electrolysis hair removal is the way to go.

It doesn’t matter which part of your body you want to remove unwanted hair; Electrolysis By Debra is your best answer. We employ electrolysis hair removal procedure that is FDA approved for safe & permanent hair removal. Feel free to contact us today at 954-742-4610 for a free consultation. For more details, stay social with us on:Facebook, Twitter, Plus.GooglePinterest 

Unwanted Hair Removal is Easy – Adopt Electrolysis

Do you want to look at your best naturally? If yes, then Electrolysis Hair Removal is the best and safest method to pick. It is a good way to balance between health and beauty. Having your unwanted hair removed can only help you feel more confident and luxurious than ever! Are you worried about your facial hair like hair on upper lip? Don’t try different removing beauty products like razors, waxing and much more as they may not give you the permanent solution. For this situation, you can confidently depend on a safe and successful treatment that is Electrolysis Hair Removal.

Electrolysis is safe and effective –

Electrolysis Facial Hair Removal has proven to be a safest and effective method of removing unwanted hair. Modern Electrolysis Hair Removal equipment is very refined and computerized. The needles are, delicate, highly polished, sterile and disposable. Electrolysis is nothing like the alternative methods of hair removal. The treatment consists of loosening the hair through the applications of galvanic and high-frequency currents that can destroy the hair root, and stop from further growth. The skin is not punctured or harmed in any way. In fact, permanent Upper Lip Hair Removal through electrolysis results in well-pleased customers with beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin! Modern techniques, equipment, and topical anesthetics help reduce the sensation of electrologist treatments.

Permanent Hair Removal

Frequency of electrolysis Treatments –

Many factors influence hair growth and you may require returning for several electrolysis visits. Unwanted hair can be gone forever after the completion of treatment sequences. The sessions for Electrolysis Hair Removal may vary from person to person. The treatment is mere takes an hour and just a few visits to free you from unwanted hair –of theface, lip forever!

Factors to think about electrolysis  –

  • Electrolysis hair removal treatment gives a permanent solution to make your body hair free and smooth.
  • Electrolysis is recognized and approved as a lasting hair removing treatment by the American Medical Association and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
  • The electrolysis hair removal treatment is the best, safe, and useful for all types of skin.
  • In electrolysis treatment, focuses on the main cause of hair growth and ensuring a permanent facial hair removing solution.

Post Care Treatment –

Electrolysis Facial Hair Removal perfectly normal but a slight swelling or reddening can be observed from a close look of the skin after treatment. This also disappears quickly usually within 15-30 minutes.  The natural part of healing process may involve some itch. These too, left undisturbed, as it also fades away shortly. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind after treatment:

  • The use of a good antibiotic or antiseptic lotion should be employed twice a day for 2 to 3 days.
  • Direct sunlight or the use of tanning beds to the treated area should be avoided for a short period of time
  • Cosmetics should not be used within a 12-24 hour period after treatment


If you are serious about getting the best and effective results with electrolysis treatment, ask Electrolysis By Debra. With the help of Dr. Debra, you can finally throw away your tweezers, razors and get the permanent hair removal solution. Debra was a licensed electrologist and skin care specialist having 25 years experience in her field hence you are in the safe hand of Debra for your Electrolysis Hair Removal solution.  To get a solution for your unwanted hair call at: (954) 742-4610 to set up your complimentary, no-obligation appointment today.

Electrolysis Is The Best Permanent Hair Removal Technique

Hair is composed of protein and its appearance can be a sign of your age and health. Extra hair in your body may require its removal. Facial hair is an upsetting issue reduced or removed successfully by lot of methods. Every time you think to deal with abnormal hair, you may notice another hair growing somewhere else. After you get rid of the hairs, they just grow back. Sometimes they may be thicker, stronger, and more visible. Electrolysis Hair Removal is an art and permanent solution to removing hair follicle beneath the skin, results a permanent hair solution to eye-, lip- or brow-liner and other body parts.

Cause of hair growth –

Women always want t0 kept away from their body hair especially on the face, Chin, upper Lips, chest, legs and hands as they iare considered to be either unattractive or culturally unacceptable. Much unwanted hair growth occurs as a result of hormonal imbalances in different age groups. Mostly seen even in early age of 11 to the older persons, the potential reason could be hereditary or genetically where as some of the causes is due to application of steroids on the skin or the hormonal imbalance.


Need of permanent Hair removal –

Hair removing is a usual routine for the majority of the women. You may need to take away the unwanted hair every month or after fifteen days to get rid of them temporarily, to be looked clean and beautiful. Rushing to parlor in regular interval is a really time consuming matter, especially for busy working women. As a result many women like to opt for permanent hair removal solutions that help to save a lot of time as well as money. There are many hair removal procedures which are followed such as Shaving, Threading, Waxing or even trying a Laser treatment. But electrolysis is considered to be the best permanent hair removal technique followed today. If done from a right Hair treatment doctor, it gives right result.


Number of treatment session –

The visit for electrolysis treatment depends upon the different factors influencing hair growth. The total number of sessions need to remove hair permanently from a particular area will vary from person to person. The majority clients return once a week or every other week, as needed. A significant percentage of unwanted hair will be gone forever once the treatments have been completed. Each treatment generally lasts between 15 minutes and one hour.

Benefits Electrolysis-

Electrolysis is one of the new methods of Facial Hair Removal and is rapidly gaining much fame. Some of the benefits of electrolysis process are as under mentioned.


Electrolysis is one of the least painful methods for removing hair. Since the hair is destroyed by electricity within the follicle, there is nothing for the client to feel on the skin, unlike with other methods. The electricity destroys the hair and prevents another one from rising in that spot. This procedure sounds painful; in fact, it doesn’t cause anything more than an itching sensation.

Electrolysis required few sessions to fully remove the hair and varies from person to person. Once sessions are complete, there is nothing else you need to do to maintain the area. Electrolysis is the only hair removal process that is renowned as being permanent.

Most hair removal methods like razor are not safe to use on all parts of the body. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that is suitable for use on both large areas like legs and smaller areas like eyebrows.


Electrolysis hair Removal is very precise as each hair follicle is targeted individually

Electrolysis is effective on all types of hair, so you don’t need to use a different process for each type of hair on your body.

Electrolysis can safely be applied to any skin type, without any harmful side effects. More people can use it to get rid of their unwanted body hair.

Other temporary methods are more expensive in the long run as results are temporary. Electrolysis involves more cost for a single time but if we compare the result output of other temporary methods it may seems very economy and time saving.

It does not target hair pigmentation and Helps in treating a wider range of skin tones and hair colors

Very little risk of skin burning issue with electrolysis and this treatment works with natural saline

FDA approved Safe and effective with permanent Hair removal solution

Things to Consider Before the Electrolysis Treatment-

Give yourself time and be relaxed before making an appointment.

Avoid making appointment just before or during your period (if you generally feel irritable or sensitive at this time of month).

Before your appointment, you should avoid in taking caffeine (as caffeine acts as a stimulant and make you irritable).

To avoid dilation of blood vessels, you need to prevent yourself from direct sun exposure 48 hours before the treatment.

Drink enough water



Electrolysis is a latest technology available for gentle and permanent hair removal and is more suitable for smaller areas of hair removal treatments. Electrologist-Debra in Florida can be consulted for the best electrolysis hair removal solutions which can be very effective and procedurally safe to get rid of unwanted hair. Electrolysis hair removal procedure used by the most experienced and licensed ‘Electrolysis by Debra’ is the most experienced and licensed center which offer services like facial hair removal, eyebrow hair removal, Bikini and stomach hair removal, Breast hair removal with professional licensed electrologist and skin care specialists. If you looking for an affordable, effective and gentle permanent hair removing solution for body and face and will help you in getting transformed into a diva without having any unwanted hairs. For any kind of hair problem please contact our office on <954-742-4610>for a free consultation.

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Electrolysis for Facial and Upper Lip Hair Removal – Safe and Effective Solutions That Last Forever

Women never like to flaunt unsightly hair growth and prefer to undergo painful tweezing and waxing process to keep them out of their body. They just want to look at their best but without going through the pain of tweezing and waxing again. Most of them nurture a secret desire for gentle face and upper lip hair removal that would be safe, reliable and effective. No doubt, they can achieve it with electrolysis hair removal solutions that are proven to last forever.

Unwanted hair growth on face, upper lip, underarms, breast, and bikini area cause embarrassment to women. This growth may be due to some medicines, temporary hair removal methods, and hormonal disorder but can be permanently treated with an effective option called Electrolysis. With this process, women can not only enjoy the joy of upper lip and facial hair removal forever but also can feel free from the use of razors and tweezers. Today’s modern electrolysis devices are capable of damaging the growth point of the hair with the application of heat energy or chemical. Thereafter, the electrolysis specialist will insert a fine probe into the hair follicle to help it get removed from the root safely.


When there is undesired hair growth on the face or upper lip, women feel agonized and leave no stone unturned to get rid of them fast. They are under pressure and seek the help of temporary solutions like waxing and tweezing which don’t even work for long. Some of them even feel annoyed with the repeated waxing and tweezing but without getting any respite from facial hair growth permanently. May be, you are one of them and in search of a painless and safe experience of the chin or upper lip hair removal for long. You can put an end to your frustration and save countless hours of waxing and tweezing with a reliable and effective treatment method – electrolysis hair removal solution to enjoy a lasting result.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment – Safe and Lasting Result

To avoid the shame and embarrassment of hair growth on the face or upper lip, women can take advantage of electrolysis hair removal solution. It is modern, effective and less painful method for facial hair removal

Gentle and painless hair removal procedure. In comparison to shaving, waxing, or chemical depilatory creams, (which can affect the facial skin and cause lots of pain), the electrolysis facial hair removal method is found to be a risk-free solution with permanent results.

Electrolysis Treatment Session – Less Expensive and Pleasant Alternative on Offer

It is always an electrolysis specialist who attends the customer after thoroughly checking her hair growth on the face or upper lip. She carefully inserts a small needle into the hair follicle through which a low-volume electrical simulation circulates down the skin to damage the hair follicle and remove it safely. This process is repeated for every undesired hair follicle and end in permanent hair removal from upper lip or face.

Key Considerations for Successful Facial and Upper Lip Hair Removal with Electrolysis

1. The electrologist should be aware of the most recent technology available for mild and permanent hair removal from body and face.

2. He or she should have professional license and specialization in the field of electrolysis with an in-depth understanding of how to apply electrolysis hair removal solutions on the customer to abandon unwanted hair growth.

3. Be it hard to cure hair growth or sensitive skin condition, the electrolysis expert should be capable of delivering electrolysis hair removal solutions with the assurance of success.

4. The professional should maintain cleanliness and safety standards while using sterile and disposable items every time.

5. The electrologist should be open to giving you a pleasant experience in facial hair removal and charge you a reasonable price.

If you want to look like a diva without worry of unwanted hair growth on the face or upper lip, Electrolysis by Debra is ready with its reliable, effective and affordable electrolysis facial hair removal solution. Contact Electrolysis by Debra for free face hair removal consultation at 954-742-4610.

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Why Electrolysis is Rated as the Best Permanent Hair Removal Method?

There are several hair removal methods like chemical depilatories, waxing, shaving and more. These types of hair removing methods can prove to be messy and painful. In this present scenario, electrolysis treatment is considered as one of the effective hair removing techniques that ensures permanent solution.

For every female, it is quite irritating to deal with the unwanted hairs on their face or body. To get rid of the unwanted body and facial hair, females these days are inclining towards electrolysis treatment. Electrolysis is the oldest permanent hair removal method, which is practiced for over a century. As one of the most effective hair removing technique, the electrolysis treatment has gained a huge recognition and offers the best results.


How the Electrolysis Treatment Works?

The electrolysis hair removing treatment is done by introducing a very fine needle into the hair follicle and then apply an ultra-fast electrical current through it, which destroys the hair follicle. You can undergo electrolysis hair removing treatment to remove the unwanted hairs from your face and body in a safe and convenient way. The electrolysis treatment focuses to destroy the growth center of the hair. This prevents further growth of the unwanted hair. It is quite safe to treat almost all parts of the body with electrolysis like face, breasts, eyebrows, thighs, abdomen and legs.

Less Painful and No Side Effects:

You do not have to fear from considering the electrolysis hair removing treatment, as it has no side-effects. The modern electrolysis techniques causes less discomfort by minimizing it to a mere tingling effect.


What make Electrolysis the Best Hair Removing Treatment?

1. The electrolysis treatment suitably works on any hair color

2. Proves safe for all skin types

3. It is possible to treat or remove the unwanted hairs from around the eyes using electrolysis

4. The electrolysis is recognized by the FDA and the American Medical Association as one of the best and safe permanent hair removing treatments

Compared to the other repetitive measures, electrolysis hair removing treatment offers a permanent solution. By undergoing electrolysis treatment, you can successfully remove the unwanted hair from the highly visible parts of the body. It will take some sessions to achieve the best results. Electrolysis treatment is a safe hair removing technique that does not contain any kind of toxic chemicals or painful invasive methods. Staying in Ft. Lauderdale or South Florida! Do you want to undergo a safe electrolysis treatment? Then rely on Electrolysis By Debra!


Electrolysis By Debra offers safe permanent hair removal solution- electrolysis treatment that will give you the best results. Our office- Electrolysis By Debra in Ft. Lauderdale serves most of the surrounding areas (South Florida) with an effective, gentle and affordable electrolysis treatment. We have a highly qualified and experienced electrologist- Debra. She specializes in delivering top quality electrolysis hair removing treatment using the latest electrolytic technology that will prove to be effective for sensitive and hard to cure faces.

Contact today at 954-742-4610 to fix an appointment with our expert electrologist!

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Enjoy a Safe Upper Lip Hair Removal with Electrolysis

It is true that most of the women in Florida and all over the world are spending thousands of dollars to meet the standards of beauty. Do want to look your best naturally in an inexpensive and safe way? In this case, it will be a good option to balance between innovation, sanity, health and beauty.

Are you worried about your facial hair like hair on the upper lip? Tired of utilizing upper lip hair removing beauty products, waxing or razors?Have you ever thought of getting rid of upper lip hair permanently in a natural and safe way? In this case, you can rely on a safe and effective electrolysis hair removal treatment to enjoy a permanent solution.

What is an Electrolysis Treatment?

Unwanted facial hairs like upper lip hair is the most annoying thing for every woman. As one of the modern and highly advanced hair removing techniques, electrolysis offers a less discomfort

hair removal experience. Compared to using the chemical depilatory creams, waxing or shaving with razor (which can harm your soft facial skin and give you a painful experience), the electrolysis hair removal technique is considered to be the perfect solution that will result in permanent comfort of hair removal.

How the Electrolysis is done?

In an electrolysis treatment, a tiny needle is inserted into the hair follicle by an experienced electrologist. Through the tiny needle a low- level of electrical pulse is sent into the skin that will help in destroying the hair follicle. In this way every unwanted hair follicles are targeted, which will result in an effective and permanent hair removal from your face or body.

Factors to Consider Electrolysis for Removing Upper Lip Hair:

1. Offers Permanent Solution- Electrolysis hair removing treatment provides a permanent solution to get rid from unwanted hair from the face in a soft an gentle way.

2. Highly Recognized- The electrolysis is recognized and approved as a permanent hair removing treatment by the American Medical Association and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

3. Effective and Safe- The electrolysis hair removing treatment is considered to be the most effective and safe, which is good for all skin types. It is also true that, the electrolysis hair removing treatment is effective to treat all hair types.

4. Targets the Root Cause- In an electrolysis treatment, an experienced electrologist targets the root cause of hair growth- papilla. This makes sure in getting a permanent facial hair removing solution.

If you want to achieve the best results with electrolysis, then rely on a safe upper lip hair removal at Electrolysis By Debra. We will offer you an affordable, gentle and safe hair removal with electrolysis, which will be done a highly experienced and licensed electrologist. Our locally owned and operated private office serves people from Florida’s Ft. Lauderdale and South Florida.

Contact us today at 954-742-4610 to make an appointment for a cost-effective electrolysis hair removal treatment.

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Why Choose Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal?

Do you want to get rid of your unwanted hair for enjoying a worry free life? Are you looking for an effective hair removal treatment to enjoy permanent solution? Have you heard about electrolysis? These days electrolysis is gaining a great popularity among the ladies, because of its great potential and versatility. One of the major advantages of electrolysis is that it supports hair removal for people who have red, blonde, grey and any lighter colored hair (which are not supported by the laser hair treatment). It can be said that anyone can undergo the electrolysis hair removing treatment to enjoy a fabulous body without any unwanted hair.

As an absolutely permanent and completely safe, hair removing treatment, electrolysis will offer you great solutions. No doubt, you can save the amount of money and time, which was spent on shaving, shaving accessories, cream, waxing and more. After undergoing an electrolysis hair removing treatment, for sure you are going to throw the razors and tweezers out from your sight.

How do Electrolysis works?

Electrolysis is a safe and popular hair removing treatment, which is approved by the FDA. This treatment is done by using a probe or needle to send a pulse of energy for destroying the individual hair bulbs. In an electrolysis treatment the root of the hair is destroyed, which makes it easy to remove the hair permanently. This hair removing treatment requires a series of treatments to get the desired permanent results. These days, the evolution of advanced technologies and equipments has made the electrolysis treatment suitable and tolerable, especially when treating the sensitive areas.

What areas do electrolysis covers to remove the hair?

The best thing about electrolysis hair removing treatment is that both men and women can undergo this treatment to safely banish their unwanted hair (even in the sensitive areas). Some common areas, where the electrolysis treatment can be done in the body are like:

  • Face hair removal- this includes the chin, eyebrows, earlobes, cheeks and upper lip hair removal.
  • Upper Body hair removal- this includes shoulders, chest, arms, finger/hands, back and underarm hair removal.
  • Midsection hair removal- This includes hair removal from the abdomen and bikini area.
  • Legs hair removal- this includes hair removal from the shins, thighs and feet.

The Best Features of Electrolysis Treatment:

  • The electrolysis treatment is FDA approved permanent hair removing treatment in the world
  • It has fewer side effects and considered to be the safest hair removing technique with 140 years of proven track record
  • This treatment work on any hair color or skin type
  • The electrolysis treatment targets to destroy the hair follicle and hair growing cells, which eliminate the chance of hair re-growth

It is important for you to remember that the electrolysis treatment should be performed by highly trained professional. If you are looking for an effective electrolysis treatment in Ft. Lauderdale or South Florida, then simply rely on Electrolysis By Debra, which is a locally owned and operate private office. You will get a safe and cost-effective electrolysis- permanent hair removal solution at Electrolysis By Debra. At our office, you will get the assistance of a licensed and highly experienced electrologist- Debra to enjoy a comfortable and pain free hair removal.

To make an appointment or get a free consultation, please contact us today at 9547424610.

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